Full Service Cannabis Testing Lab

Cannabinoid Analysis Cost per Smoke-able product: $5.00, Requested tests for JWH & "spice" adulterants are performed at an additional $3.00 per sample. {via HPLC}.


Sample Size needed: 0.5 gram minimum.

(Please supply in an air-tight container).

Cannabinoid Analysis Cost per Edible product: $7.00 

{via HPLC only}.

Sample Size needed: 1.5-2.0 gram minimum.

(Please supply in an air-tight container).

Now offering differential combustion analysis for determination of psychoactive/inactive THC/TCH-2A ratios for smoke-able samples at $6.00/sample and GC/MS testing (for smokeables only at present) for $7.00 sample (which includes mass-spectral confirmation of unknowns  and pesticides (if found).

Pink Card business holder, now offering free sample pick-up in the Denver Boulder region. Also offers aerial in-state sample pick-up from direct growers on the east & west slopes for fuel-cost fees. (Limited quantities).

HPLC testing for standard Cannabinoids such as Cannabidiol, Cannabinol, d8-THC, d9-THC and d8/d9-THCA in both smoke-able and edible MMJ products. (QA/QC data can be supplied at no additional fee.)

We serve all Colorado, Alaska, Oregon or Washington State Cannabis distributors and consumers on a first come first serve basis and offer competitive pricing.

Additional tests for EPA-632 (carbamate) pesticides, pharmaceuticals  & the old MJ killer, paraquat are also available upon request. Separate samples required (same sizes as for Cannabinoid testing).

$10.00 per sample due to expensive acetonitrile mobile phase required.